Photographer Jen Davis

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Jen Davis 01

Jen Davis 02

Jen Davis 03

Jen Davis 04

Jen Davis 05


Jen Davis is a photographer who lives in Brooklyn, who I very much admirer. She has got some balls to make self-portrait’s dealing with issues regarding beauty, identity, and body image.

She began taking self-portraits of her overweight in 2002 and it took her 11 years to finish her project and eventually inspired her to loose weight. At first, she started her project to explore her own insecurities, face them and might overcome them. After 11 years, she realized that neither her insecurities or her weight was changed and she decided to do a lap-band surgery and lost a lot of weight.

I think that (before her weight-loss) she was a beautiful women and the pictures are absolutely stunning. I might even think the pictures are even more beautiful before she lost her weight. What I really like about her images is that give a sort of stillness what makes you really feel the loneliness what she seems to be suffering from.

For more pictures, take a look on her website:


Essa Design

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Essa Design 01

Essa Design 02

I just found my new favorite jewelry designers! And I think you do too now.

Two young designers  from Amsterdam decided to put their creative heads together and started their own collection full of geometric forms (love it).  And the best part is, it is very affordable!

You can find their collection at GEKAAPT and THINGS I LIKE THINGS I LOVE in Amsterdam and Arnhem.

Take a look at their website




Poster //01 The world spins madly on

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The world spins madly onHi there!

It’s been while. I can’t really say that I have been busy because the only thing I was busy with was myself (yes really). I think everyone has those times where suddenly you are forced to take a step back en breath in very hard and make sure you breath everything out just as hard. Or maybe even harder.

Know those? Well, I just got a great couple of months with it! But I have to say, I really think I came out stronger and with a lot of inspiration as well! I just started to design my own posters and postcards. Here’s is a quick preview and of course I’ll keep you posted!

Love, Pien

Citytrip Krakow

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Just because everybody seems to be over the moon about Krakow, me and my boyfriend decided we would take a look our selfs. So we just spent a couple of days there. I have to say, it is a very cozy city! Not in the ‘best-city-trip-2015-destination’ kind of way but absolutely in a ‘let’s-drink-and-eat-way-to-much’ kind of way! Krakow is not expensive and has a great type of kitchen and a lot of bars and restaurants. The old city center is very Romantic with a nice park around it but a bit touristy. The old jewish district Kazimierz, is still very authentic and there is a lot going on around Plac Nowy.


Alchemia – Bar, club and restaurant


Alchemia Restaurant 02

Alchemia Restaurant 01


Alchemia is a very nice restaurant, bar ánd club around the corner of Plac Nowy, the heart of the old jewish district Kazimierz.  Also great for lunches. Take a look on their website to see if there is a gig you like or just take a look and you probably will find your self there the whole evening!

Price-range: €, ul. Estery 5, 31-056 Kraków, tel: +48 12 421 22 00, e-mail:


Finka – Coffee, cocktails and dancing

Finka Logo 01

Finka Bar 02


Finka is a very nice little place, also around Plac Nowy. In the morning, the coffees are great. In the evening, the cocktails are great. And at night, the party’s are great. So go!

Price-range: €, ul. Warszauera 1, 31-057 Kraków, tel: +48 516 442 980, e-mail:


Nowa Prowincja – Hot chocolate and wine bar


Nowa Prowincja 01
Nowa Prowincja 02

Nowa Prowincja is in the old city center and every woman should go there (especially when your having your period, just saying). It’s small and cozy and there are two old-time favorites that you can order at any time of the day. Chocolate and wine. Do I need to say more? The hot chocolate I can’t stop talking about, is literally hot melted chocolate. Very impressive.

Price-range: €, Bracka 3-5 Kraków, tel: +48 12 430 59 59


Duzy Pokój – Lunch and dinner

Duzy Pokoj 02
Duzy Pokoj 01
Absolute great food and great atmosphere! Just go there!

Price-range: €, ul. Izaaka 3, Kraków, tel: +48 12 341 49 77


Apartment in the heart of Kazimierz


Apartment 02

I would absolutely recommend this apartment. We had a great stay and the location is perfect!

I hope you enjoyed my city guide and you are going to take a look yourself!

Have fun!

Love Stories Intimates

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Love stories intimates
Love stories intimates2


Just found the best online lingerie store ever! You have to take a look on their website or give your boyfriend their link so he can ‘surprise’ you with a present. Never worked with be but maybe you can give it a change. Well anyway, Love Stories Intimates  is the brainchild of multi-talented Marloes Hoedeman, who is first and foremost a fashion and interior stylist. Take a look!

Pop-up Restaurants

1. Instock


Instock is the first restaurant in Amsterdam that give a lot of attention to food waste. The chefs of this restaurant are cooking excellent food to show everyone that thrown away food actually tastes fantastic! I made a reservation for this weekend myself, so of course I will let you know! Because of the huge succes of this new concept, you have to make a reservation in advance.

Price-range: €, 0649712261, Polonceaukade 9, 1014 DA Amsterdam Westerpark


2. Foyer

Foyer_voor binnendeur_WIT


This amazing new pop-up restaurant is from the same owners as their former restaurant Repéré. Absolutely worth visiting. Great food and excellent atmosphere. It’s very popular so be quick to make a reservation!

Pricerange: €€, 0628310403, keizersgracht 324, 1016 EZ Amsterdam



3. Bed Stuy – Bedford Stuyvesant

Bedford Stuyvesant

Bedford Stuyvesant is a coffee place and they have pop-up evenings when you can have diner this summer.

Thursday July 10th – Taco Evening by Coast Taqueria

Thursday July 24th -Taco Evening by Coast Taqueria

Wednesday July 30th- Burger Inn by the Beef Chief

Thursday August 7th -Taco Evening by Coast Taqueria

Wednesday August 13th -Burger Inn by the Beef Chief

Price-range: €, 020-3342175,, Javastraat 55, 1094HA Amsterdam – East