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Jen Davis is a photographer who lives in Brooklyn, who I very much admirer. She has got some balls to make self-portrait’s dealing with issues regarding beauty, identity, and body image.

She began taking self-portraits of her overweight in 2002 and it took her 11 years to finish her project and eventually inspired her to loose weight. At first, she started her project to explore her own insecurities, face them and might overcome them. After 11 years, she realized that neither her insecurities or her weight was changed and she decided to do a lap-band surgery and lost a lot of weight.

I think that (before her weight-loss) she was a beautiful women and the pictures are absolutely stunning. I might even think the pictures are even more beautiful before she lost her weight. What I really like about her images is that give a sort of stillness what makes you really feel the loneliness what she seems to be suffering from.

For more pictures, take a look on her website:


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